Introductory Workshop 30 May – 1 June (until lunch)

A two and half-day workshop designed to introduce new users to the model, review necessary and optional inputs, and familiarize the user with the QSWAT interface. It is assumed that attendees have a working knowledge QGIS/ArcGIS or comparable GIS software.

Day 1 

  • Welcome/introduction
  • Model Overview (theory)
  • Model applications (theory)
  • Theory and Application of SWAT
  • Introduction to QSWAT interface (GIS)

Day 2 

  • Watershed delineation
  • Landuse and soil overlay
  • HRU delineation
  • Weather and remaining inputs to develop the SWAT model (including point sources)
  • Review of summary outputs
  • Finish SWAT simulation using QSWAT

Day 3 

  • Visualization and interpretation of SWAT outputs through GenScn
  • Introduction of calibration and validation techniques
  • Address user requests and answer questions


Advanced Workshop 1 June (after lunch) – 2 June

A one and half-day workshop that will cover sensitivity analysis, model calibration, and uncertainty analysis. The last day of training will be open to Questions & Answers. All participants are encouraged to bring their own dataset projects and conceptual modeling questions to the session.

Day 1 (start after lunch)

  • Welcome/introductions
  • SWAT-CUP tools
  • Sensitivity and calibration/validation (theory)
  • Model applications

Day 2

  • Continue calibration/validation
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Model applications
  • Continue uncertainty analysis
  • Discussion of individual participant’s SWAT modeling issues

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